You and Me

You and Me
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Life is musical thing and you were supposed to sing or to dance while the music was being played.

This cleverly put together short film takes a look at the life and death of a relationship from a birds-eye point of view.



There is nothing new about this story. Its a classic boy meets girl. Girl and boy full in love. Boy and girl break up (sorry for the spoiler!!!!).  But its not about the story, its the he way you tell the story and no one gets this more than the talented Jack Tew who also done the funny short One Night Stand . Along with his team they have found a very interesting way of telling this take of a classic boy meets girl.




Another aspect that makes this such an interesting watch is the lack of dialogue and shooting from a birds eye view. Facial expressions are limited meaning its the movement of the character which tells the story. I can imagine each move had to be meticulously planned out, however, the hard work from definitely paid off!



It wasn’t just the acting which told the story, the set for example could be thought of as more than his bedroom but could represent the young man, his life or feelings. A room which was  once empty, waiting to be filled soon became bright consistently sunny, brimming with happy memories from his new relationship.


His room like his feelings is something he is more than willing to share with his new found love, and at first the clutter is manageable almost as if they were making it together. But as the pressure of the relationship increases so does the mess. That is until we see him fighting for freedom and space constantly throwing things of hers back on what has now become her side. The clear divide in the way he feels about her is starting to show.  His feelings become clearer when he throws something back and says  “just keep it on your side from now on OK.”

What was once a happy bright room becomes cold and run down as leaks appear. Neither one wanting to repair them, both happy to just put a bucket underneath; perfectly representing their relationship.  The toy representing their love was supposed to be a symbol of comfort. It soon becomes a nuisance, something annoying, and is finally tossed out of the window.


All in all this is a nice well thought out short film from a talented group of film makers and is well worth the watch. We look forward to future offerings!

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