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A woman at a cross road in her life finds direction by listening to her neighbors music.


Interview with  director of The Maestro

Directors notes

As with all films I do, I always set goals. For The Maestro, I wanted to create a film from a woman’s perspective and I wanted the message of the film to inspire.

Tell us a little bit about yourself how you got into filmmaking?

I have been making films most of my life. I made my first film at the age of 10. After seeing Jaws, i got a rubber shark and a miniature boat and shot Jaws Jr in my parents swimming pool.

How did you come up with the idea for this short film?

This was a story that i had in my head for over twenty five years, (not to date myself too much).




Talk us through the process of creating this short film?

The project was unlike anything i have ever done because of the execution of three equal parts of the film had to work as one. One third of the film was the performance by the amazing actress Molly Ratermann. The next third was the voice over done by Kymberli Colbourne.  And the final third was the music composed by Benjamin Goldman. All these had to sync together to make the film work.




What challenges did you face?

We had a challenging production schedule as well. We shot for two days with over eighteen costume, hair and makeup changes. We needed to do this to show a progression of time for the character.

All of the piano playing sections were performed by Debbie Neigher.  Ben Goldman created all of the piano sections first. Then he created sheet music of all those sections and they were given to Debbie a few weeks prior to shooting for her to be able to practice the sections. There were three versions of the song she plays simple, intermediate and advanced. Then we shot Debbie’s hands playing. I did make sure that Debbie was seen in the film. She plays our piano teacher.

We had an amazing cast and crew for the film. Tony Sommers who was the associate producer for the film, brought together a great crew for the project. Everyone involved in the film really brought their experience and passion. From skillful eye of Director of Photography Isiah Flores to Art Director Rachel Dagdagan, all were able to create a “fable like” feel of the film. Which i hope audiences will enjoy.




What are your plans moving forward?

My next project will be a horror film titled Bad Road. I have been working on the script for a while now and its a really different kind of horror film. My goal for that project is simple, make it scary as hell.


Main Genre: Drama’s

Budget: £2500 – £5000
How long did it take to shoot: 1 Day – 1 Week
Film location (country): United States
Film location (city): San Francisco

Filmed on: Sony NEX FS-100

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Director Name: Dave Bundtzen

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DOP: Isiah Flores 

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