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A man stuck in his endless loneliness wanders in a post-apocalyptic world… Only to discover he is not alone

Directors notes

The idea for Hold came to me after doing some research on human needs, and what happens when those needs are not satisfied. I came across the Maslow hierarchy of needs, which designates physiological needs, like nutrition, health, and sex, as the first needs human need to satisfy before the next level of needs can be fulfilled. But I was more intrigued with the needs that involve human contact and connection.
With sex placed in the primary level, but love and belongingness on the third level, I tried to explore the possibility that oneʼs attempts to fulfil the need for sex could be a misguided effort to satisfy less acknowledged needs, but nevertheless important, such as affection, touch, and connection.


Main Genre: Dramas

Budget: £0-1,000
How long did it take to shoot: 1 day-1 week
Film location (country): England
Film location (city): Bedfordshire

Filmed on: Canon 5D mkII

Lighting equipment: – Natural lighting, light panels, reflectors, flags

Audio equipment: Two radio mics, boom mic, sound mixer

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