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From the Sky

From the Sky
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A humble father and his troubled son struggle to cope with the effect of drones in the Middle East.

Directors notes

Drawing inspiration from the films of Werner Herzog and Peter Weir, ‘From the Sky’ tells a minimalist story in an atmosphere that balances eerie tension with ethereal cues. It is a story about rites of passage, the cycle of retaliation, and the cost of peace.

Believing that we can’t fully understand the significance of drones without walking in the shoes of people living under them, I set the story entirely in the Middle East. It was always crucial to me that ‘From the Sky’ be considerate and a credible representation of that part of the world, featuring fluent Arabic-speaking actors and impeccable interpretation. As the writer/director, I began by conducting extensive research on the topic of drone strikes and the impact of drone surveillance on civilians throughout the Middle East and Asia. I also hosted an ongoing dialogue with Middle Eastern advisers throughout the screenwriting process including Oscar-nominated producer John Sinno (Iraq in Fragments) and Syrian actor Jay Abdo (Werner Herzog’s upcoming Queen of the Desert). ‘From the Sky’ represents a powerful collaboration between the crew, advisers, interpreters, and the terrific cast including Maz Siam (Argo, Scandal, The Mindy Project) and Mohamad Tamimi.

Behind the scenes

The production team on ‘From the Sky’ includes some noteworthy talent, such as editor Eric Frith. Eric cut director Megan Griffiths’ breakthrough independent feature ‘Eden’ which won audience awards at SXSW 2012 and Milan International Film Festival 2013. Eric also edited the prominent documentaries ‘The Heart of the Game,’ ‘Finding Hillywood,’ and ‘A Lot Like You.’ ‘From the Sky’ features internationally acclaimed ambient electronic artist loscil, who composed an original score for the film, and the Emmy Award-winning post production audio team from Bad Animals in Seattle who worked closely with me to create a haunting drone strike sequence.

‘From the Sky’ is a story of humanity in the midst of horror, and I believe it’s a cinematic experience that is both timely and universal.

Main Genre: Dramas

Budget: £20,000-£30,000
How long did it take to shoot: 1 Day – 1 Week
Film location (country): United States
Film location (city): Vantage

Filmed on: RED scarlet

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