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[dropcap size=big]T[/dropcap]he short film ” Useful ” features the struggles of a doomed couple. This short film was also used for the official music video for ‘Use Somebody’ by Kings Of Leon. It has great cinematography By #Bjorn-Charpentier well executed camera movement the director #Inti-Calfat does a great job of telling the story without using words,This is both rich and engaging, a well executed short film.

Shot in 3 days in Brussels and Antwerp, Belgium. 27th of February, 28th of February and 29th of February.

#Official-selection #shortfilmcorner #Cannes #filmfestival 2011.
Best international experimental shortfilm at the New York Independent Film Festival 2011.
#Young-directors-award at the #Cristal-Festival 2011.


Inti Calfat
Inti Calfat Director

Inti Calfat

Inti Calfat is a Belgian director of commercials, music videos and television shows. He was born in 1981 on the Island of Margarita, Venezuela. Raised by an Argentinean father and a Belgian mother, he currently lives in the city of Brussels. After studying Arts and Cultural Sciences at the University of Maastricht (The Netherlands), he turned to media and directing. As a director he focusses on beauty, story, emotion and perfection. He likes movies with a strange edge and characters who are out of touch with the expected. Inti drives a Skoda and owns a Fender.
Bjorn Charpentier
Bjorn Charpentier DOP

Bjorn Charpentier

Bjorn Charpentier was born in a town near Antwerp, Belgium. As a student, he attended the Narafi film school in Brussels, where he began developping his skills as a Director of Photography. After graduating, he won a 'Best Cinematography’ award at the BIFFF festival. This made him fall into the attention of renowed cinematographer and twice oscar winning: Jack Cardiff. He was invited to follow a shortcourse cinematography and a 35 mm shooting class at the English NFTS where he was taught by Alec Mills. Bjorn went on working as a camera assistant in many feature film projects. After five years of gaining experience and acquiring taste, he decided to prove himself as a Director of Photography. Since 2007 Bjorn is working as an independent cinematographer. Over the past few years, he shot many commercials, short fiction projects and music videos. Some of his projects were selected for national and international film festivals. In 2010 the music video he shot for Belgian Indie Band Zornik won the ’Music Industry Awards’ and ‘the European Independent Film Festival’. He recently shot his first feature film as a Director of Photography. Bjorn is a father of two and likes to eat carrots.
TRS Production Company

Bjorn Charpentier

We are a full-service creatively driven production company collaborating on award-winning film, animation, design, digital, and music projects for the advertising, games and music industries.
Olya Tsoraeva
Olya Tsoraeva Set Design / Construction





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