Writen By Asher Gouldbourne

Through The Camera #002 the rule of thirds


[dropcap size=big]T[/dropcap]hey say rules are made to be broken but the “rule of thirds” is not one of them if you wish to make any progress within the cinematography world you are going to have to learn to eat sleep and breathe the rule of thirds. What is the rule of thirds? Quite simply it is when you divide your shot in to  nine sections as shown below   This is a concept that transcends all visual media meaning it also applies to art and photography gaming cartoons and not only limited to cinematography that is why a lot of cinematographers start out their careers as photographers and it is within photography where they hone their skills by composing shot after shot and it is this skill with which they then bring across to the world of cinema (if they’re lucky) The concept of the rule of thirds basically states that the image/shot is more appealing when the points of interest (the main focal point of what you are trying to capture) fall along one of these lines or on the point where two lines cross paths shown below allowing the horizon to falls on one of the horizontal line helps to space out the shot allowing the audience a pleasurable viewing experience. Before we continue Have a look at this great tutorial we found that will help you further your understand about the rule of thirds and then have a go at the exercise

Exercise #002 RULE OF THIRDS.

  YOU ARE GOING TO NEED: 4 Large thin elastic bands or 4 pieces of string and sellotape now pick a film any film and set it up on your computer/tv mark out the rule of thirds across the screen and sit back and see how well each shot lines up you will be surprised as you see every shot falling nicely within this rule and if you are going to be a the DP you need to familiarize yourself with this, the more films you watch keeping this rule in mind you will find it easier to frame your own shots when working on your projects.

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