The Upper Story

The Upper Story
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The Upper Story is a 3min. short about about a tireless guard
with a nervous tic who’s minding the brain of… well, you’ll see.

Directors notes

     A nice background story: The film was shot in a studio set that remained from a commercial film production. Before the set-builders came back to tear it down, we stayed with a small group after the commercial shoot, painted and dressed the set into the moisty and leaky attic that it is now, and the next day shot the film with a very small crew.

So the inspiration for this short really was the location and the fact that we could the use the lights and equipment.


Film Title     The Upper Story (Bovenkamer./Oberstübchen)
Main Genre     Comedies
budget     £0 – £1000
how long did it take to shoot     1 Day – 1 Week
film location (country)     Netherlands
Film location (city)     Amsterdam


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Filmed on     Arri Alexa
directors name     Andre Maat
Directors website
iLoveshortFilm profile
Production Companies     Czar NL
DOP     Rutger Storm
Camera Crew     Tein Brouwer
Sound Team     Nick Smith @ Stainless sound





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