Step-9 short film, film-making tips
Step-9 short film, film-making tips

Step 9

Step 9
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The short film review of step 9

[dropcap size=big]R[/dropcap]ay and Addison were once married, but have gone their separate ways. Ray asks for one last chance to set the record straight so he can move on with a clear conscience. Addison reluctantly agrees, but gets more than she bargains for in this short emotional drama Directed By: #Scott-W-Fitzgerald.

Short film review

Scott W Fitzgerald takes on the challenge of executing the holy grail of short film film-makers, that is to captivate an audience with only one scene and although there are a few flash backs we’ll pretend they’ve never happened and let them  get away with that. So “step 9” definitely shows some potential in setting up the scene for some good drama.

It starts out on the right foot with tension and a slow revealing of the characters.   As we get to know their circumstances and reason for meeting we are drawn in to what led them there, this is a compliment to the director for getting us to this point, but it is extremely difficult to sustain over the duration of a short film especially when it has a running time  just under 19min.  It does start to feel a little dragged out 7 minutes in.  Now if it was a cut down to at least the 10 minute mark, the story would be forced to move along a little quicker and it would be that much easier for the audience to stay with the characters emotionally.

 Film-making tips

First this short film could have benefited from allowing the actors a little more room to act, some key moments of silence mixed with some long poses would have gone a long way in adding to the drama.

My second concern is the consistency in the acting.  While the actors gave a reasonable performance there was some inconsistencies, especially around act three when we get a Eureka moment and we find out what we are doing here.  First I felt that the transition was too quick. There was no time to take it in. There was no moment where you saw the penny drop.   Also the emotion from the actors at this point was not believable, just some things to keep in mind for next time but this is a great attempt at cracking such a difficult genre of short films, that is to say the “one room” conundrum.

Directors notes

This is a very personal film because it deals with the aftermath of a relationship and family ruined by addiction. Sometimes, love is not enough – even after the main issue may seem resolved. I wanted to leave the audience with the feeling of anguish, the feeling of being powerless. Ray was a bad husband and distant father because of his own demons, he bested his demons and moved on, but perhaps it was too late.

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