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“A must see short film that has been wonderfully told”

[dropcap size=big]T[/dropcap]wo brothers, obsessed with Marcel Duchamp, are foiled by a rival art dealer when they are bidding on a famous work of art. They decide to steal the art back from their arch nemesis, who is a wealthy perverted aristocrat. Did I mention the work of art is a shovel?

Directors notes

I originally wrote the script while in Film School. I was taking several contemporary art classes at the time and I came up with the ridiculous story while inspired by my scholastic endeavors.

The film was very ambitious so it wasn’t until many years later that I finally got it in the can. I won a grant from Panavision and Kodak to make the film. They provided free film, camera gear, film processing and numerous other post production services.

I was somewhat broke at the time so I payed for the majority of the film on credit cards because if I didn’t, I would lose the grant in a year’s time. We shot the film in 3 days time at one of the producer’s homes in the hollywood hills as well as on a set built and designed by my producer and dear friend Nick Plotquin.

Dada was a very challenging film to make. It had numerous extras, costumes, technical sight gags and involved production design. The film was truly a group effort, my friends came out of the woodwork to chip in and help me make my little opus. It was the hardest film I’ve made to date and one of the best times I’ve had in my life.

Directors Name: B.C. Jones

Main Genre: Comedies

Budget: £5000 – £10,000
How long did it take to shoot: 1 Day – 1 Week
Film location (country): United States
Film location (city): Los Angeles

Filmed on: 35 MM Film: Kodak Vision 2 and 3 stock, Panavision Primo Lenses

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