The Gunfighter

The Gunfighter
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One of the best western short films I have seen

As you can imagine we get a lot of short film submissions every week plus we have a small team scouring the Internet looking for great short films so when I checked my inbox to find a message from one of our team asking how we managed to let this great short film slip through our fingers, in reply all I have to say for myself is well better late than never.

comedy short film the gunslinger


The Gunslinger sees your typical gunslinger working into a bar so far everything is normal right but not for long as in a twist of events the fourth all is quickly broken (The Fourth Wall is a theatrical term for the imaginary “wall” that exists between the actors and the audience.) as the narrator which can be heard by all the characters starts exposing the innermost secrets causing some awkward tension between one another, but can they pull together and resist the urge to kill each other


The storyline is simple yet with the added Twist thrown into the mix this really brings the story to life and moves it into a league of its own and I think you would agree some great script writing


Everything from wardrobe to set design is spot on, every short well lit and framed well the grading looks fantastic everyone done a real good job on this short comedy

comedy short film the gunslinger


The acting is superb from the outset with each actor and actress delivering a great performance the timing of the comedy is fab. The jokes are well set up and then  executed perfectly


This is a unique short film and definitely, a high concept idea which is the key to making a great short film so top marks for coming up with this one

Audio and sound

The audio is captured perfectly and sounds clean and professional. a good job in delivering high-quality audio that keeps you locked into the short film

comedy short film the gunslinger

Director’s rating

You can see there is a lot at play here and must have taken a lot of organisation and filmmaking skills to pull this project together. The director’s done a good job here so much so that we look forward to seeing rest of their work

So, in conclusion, I can say big thumbs up from the whole I love short films com team.

comedy short film the gunslinger

Main Genre: Comedies

Budget: £10,000 – 20,000
How long did it take to shoot: A weekend
Film location (country): Santa Clarita, California

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Shawn Parsons as the Gunfighter

Nick Offerman as the Narrator

Scott Beehner as Tommy Henderson

Brace Harris as Johnny Henderson

Eileen O’Connell as Sally

Jordan Black as Sam

Timothy Brennen as Bill Jessup

Travis Lincoln Cox as Elijah Jessup

Schoen Hodges as Gabriel Jessup





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