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[dropcap size=big]A[/dropcap] twisted tail of cats’ meows, pain and suffering etched across 1000 feline brows. Toxic cacophonys of jazz and jive intertwine inside your spine, shudder and quake then bear witness to a grimalkin’s grisley fate. In cats’ nightmares blood seeps out of acetate breaks. If Andy Warhol was a cat – this would be his kind of cool. Muliti award winning short animation this good security animation still holding its own The Cat Piano is a solid story that has been told perfectly the mood is set with dark undertones that burst through the animation a wonderful piece of art Directed By #Eddie-White-Jr.


Eddie White
Eddie White Director / Animator
Director / Animator
Eddie White was born in Adelaide, South Australia. He graduated from the Flinders University Drama Centre where he majored in acting. Eddie's fellow acting students includeXavier Samuel of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse fame, Melanie Vallejo and playwright Caleb Lewis. White made his directorial debut in 2003, writing and directing his first animated music video The Bomb (Sixxx Legs) for Triple J unearthed band The Fuzz. He followed up in 2005 writing and co-directing his first short film, Fritz Gets Rich. He created and directed the short series Errorism: a comedy of terrors an animation that centred around a hopeless terrorist in a Betty Boop style landscape. In 2006 he wrote Carnivore Reflux which he co-directed with James Calvert. The film was a Tropfest finalist. In 2007, he made his solo directorial debut on a short film called Sweet & Sour, a co-production with China's Shanghai Animation Film Studio.[2] In 2008 he wrote and co-directed a TV pilot for Nickelodeon Australia called 'I was a teenage butterfly' with Ari Gibson featuring the voice talents of Frank Woodley, Stephen Curry and Pia Miranda. White is also the nephew of New York veteran actor/comedian Eddie Lawrence most famously known for his character The Old Philosopher. Recent work Eddie White co-directed a short film called The Cat Piano with art director/animator Ari Gibson of The PRA. The short film is narrated by Nick Cave.[3][4] It was awarded the Dendy Award for Best Short Animation at the 2009 Sydney Film Festival, the Best Short Animation award at the Melbourne International Film Festival 2009 and won both the IF and AFI awards for best short animation.[citation needed] It was also on the list of ten short animations shortlisted for a nomination for the 82nd Academy Awards. In 2011 Eddie co-directed the animation for a music video (specifically for live concerts) for the track 'Easy Way Out' for Australian





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