The Adept

The Adept
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A scientist with a passion for magic gets more than he bargains for when performing a new card trick.

Directors notes

Initially conceived as an exploration into a larger world, The Adept explores the connections between magic, science and our understanding of reality.

A few years ago, I pitched an idea for a television series, which is now in development. It was suggested that I write and direct a short in the meantime, as a sample of work – what I could put forward as a writer and director. This also gave me the opportunity to tell a “small” story within this greater world, about two people that become caught up in something they don’t have time to even try to understand.

I own a visual effects company called Artifex Studios. I wanted to make sure we weren’t too vfx-reliant, and concentrated on story… while at the same time show some of the things we could do visually. Artifex produced the film and we were able to utilize resources, which kept funding requirements to a bare minimum.

I wrote the ten page script over the course of a few weeks, getting tremendous feedback on multiple drafts from the people I work with. We shot over the course of two days in a great apartment we had access to, plus a day for a few additional shots including the final exterior.

We spent approximately 2.5 months in post, with the bulk of that time spent working on getting the VFX right. I have a background in music and wanted to write the score, which I did during the course of post production. The film was edited by Jamie Alain, a great editor who I’ve worked with in post on a number of projects. Sound was mixed by Kirby Jinnah at his studio, another pro and great addition to our team.


Main Genre: Sci-fi films

Budget: £1000 – £2500
How long did it take to shoot: 1 Day – 1 Week
Film location (country): Canada
Film location (city): Vancouver

Filmed on: Red Epic Dragon

Small Arri kit (750/300/150 open face tungsten), 2 1X1 LED panels, practicals

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directors name Adam Stern
Directors website
iLoveshortFilm profile
Facebook page
Twitter page @theadeptfilm
Production Companies Artifex Studios
DOP Filip Dobosz
Camera Crew Gabriel Boyko, Julian Chapdelaine
Lighting Crew Knesha Yu
Sound Team Mark Schroeder, Diana Wilson, Kirby Jinnah





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