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[dropcap size=big]A[/dropcap]n unplanned pit stop for a solitary spaceman turns into a close encounter of the third kind but will are space man survive the Stopover. this short animation has a great storyline and the animation is does the job. This short film is unique and original it is extremely engaging and can be watched over and over without getting old. The whole team from the director #Neil-Stubbings all the way down have  done a superb job on this classic short animation and for that we think them all.


Neil Stubbings
Neil Stubbings Director
My Name is Neil Stubbings, I am a swiss/british motion director currently living in Zurich, Switzerland. I have my background in classic graphic design, but soon moved into the glamorous world of the moving image by being an intern at a national private TV station. Ever since I touched After Effects for the first time I was hooked. Over the years I worked Freelance for a lot of national and international clients. I was partner in Zurich based motiondesign shop LeMob for 5 years. And I created a few animated short films all by myself. Some of which were screened at renowned international film festivals. I am available as a freelancer for directing, conception, design and animation work. My favorite and most beloved apps are Cinema4D, After Effects and the usual photoshop and Illustrator. I also have fundamental knowledge in Screenwriting and I also have directed quite a few live action shoots.





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