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Sirious Business is Siriously Funny

[dropcap size=big]W[/dropcap]hen a raging gamer gets in a fight with his best friend via Siri, he must come to terms with the fact that he might be an asshole. This short film is definitely worth 5 minutes of your life lol

Directors notes

“Sirious Business” evolved from a simple “You Tube Sketch” into a story about a young man coming to terms with a flaw in his personality. We didn’t try to force the narrative, instead we focused on the things that mattered most: having fun and revealing character. Before long, an outrageous little comedy about friendship (and Siri) was born.

Principle Photography was challenging. We only had two days to film three locations. My DP and I did a camera/blocking rehearsal in order to refine the shot list, but we still bit off more than we could chew. By the end of the first night my writer and I had to restructure the opening scene from scratch, cutting out thirteen shots in the process!

Post production was a roller coaster! First, we got a late start because of syncing issues in Premiere CC, giving me only one solid day to cut the film. Then all hell broke loose just a few days before our public launch when the composer had to leave the project. Miraculously, we found someone willing to write an original score in two days (for no money!)

We released the film, as promised, on February 27th to our tiny audience. It quickly became our most successful film to date, being the first to reached beyond our circle of influence.

“Sirious Business” is the first in a monthly series of shorts and music videos made by a small team of young and hungry filmmakers. Our mission is to produce and self-distribute content that will sharpen our skills and build an audience.

– Daniel Riser


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