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The Third Wheel

The Third Wheel
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Mitch’s date night add a new meaning to the third wheel

[dropcap size=big]F[/dropcap]ollowing the advice of his dating coach, Mitch brings a cameraman to film his blind date. However, when Kelsey becomes interested in the better-looking cameraman, Mitch must compete to not become the third wheel on his own date.

Short film review of The Third Wheel

This short film sees our romantically challenged protagonist (Mitch) fighting for the girl of his dreams or at least the first girl that agreed to go on a date with him. But this is not an ordinary date as Mitch is in training! That’s right he has hired a dating coach, and tonight is the night our dating coach needs video footage to see where Mitch is going wrong. Enter the handsome and charming camera man who seems hell bent on sabotaging any chances Mitch has, and this is where things gets weird (well even more than it already is.)

This short film has a punchy story line that is wacky enough to grab your attention from the opening scene. Consistent lighting really helps to tie things together with fluid transition. The cinematographer has done a good job with each setup.

The acting is nice and it’s just as well, as it can be quite a challenge to try and execute a comedy if the acting and comical timing is off! All three actors do a good job in bringing out the characters emotions well enough for you to invest an interest in their story.



Short Film tip for next time:

Try to increase the quarterly of the audio as this is the key to taking your film making to the next level, all the other elements of your film making are on track. If you could just tighten up the audio process you will be well on your way, it is important to get this right for next time poor audio will detract the viewer from your short film and make them switch off. Luckily, the storyline along with the acting and all the other good aspects mean all is not lost despite the audio.

We look forward to see what Todd Hughlett (Producer) Sahand Nikoukar (Director) and the rest of the gang have up their sleeves for us next time.

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Interview with the filmmakers behind The Third Wheel

Tell us a little bit about yourself how you got into filmmaking?

Answered By:  Todd Hughlett

Brandon and I are both actors, who got into filmmaking as a necessity to keep our creative passion alive.  Like virtually all actors in LA, we go on auditions, we get rejected, and then we do it again.  We got tired of the running around looking for work, so in order to circumvent the system and do what we want to do; we learned that our best bet was to produce our own content.

There are lots of people in the LA area just starting out.  Pretty quickly, we found DPs, grips, gaffers, makeup artists, composers, and a slew of others who wanted more on-set experience so they could grow as professionals. After working out the kinks on a couple smaller projects, and by teaming with Brandon’s lighting friend (Joseph Hernandez), we felt confident in releasing “The Third Wheel.”

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How did you come up with the idea for this short film?

Answered By: Brandon Plush

Believe it or not, this is based on a true story! I saw a guy at a restaurant who was waiting for his date and the cameraman to show up, so that later on he could go back and review the footage with his “coach.” This is where I first learned about Dating Coaches: slick professionals who promise to help guys close the deal… for a price tag in the $3,000 range. And, in order to graduate their programs, you must go on a “fake date” with an actor/judge, along with a cameraman, who will grade your performance afterwards.

In my mind, this is comedy gold. The one logical change I made was to make the girl an unknowing participant versus a plant. And once I discovered how to make all three characters realistic people, and not cartoonish props, we were off and running.




Talk us through the process of lighting the scene?

Answered By: Joseph Hernandez

In terms of lighting, we were aiming for a more dramatic feel, rather than traditional sitcom lighting. Our goal was to create a very “real world” environment that would juxtapose the outrageousness of the situation and the desperation of Brandon’s character.

We were limited in our lighting options because of the space. For Todd and Brandon, the DP used a 2K on a dimmer through a double layer of diffusion. Brittney, on the other hand, we used a 2ft Diva Kina-Flo through bleached muslin.


What challenges did you face?

Answered By: Todd Hughlett

I always hear in producer discussion panels that there are three films you make: the film you envision during pre-production, the movie you film during production, and the actual film you cut together in the post-production edit.

Once I started editing, I discovered it’s really uncomfortable watching an awkward date, especially when they’re sitting at one table the entire time. The pace was just too slow, with not enough information being given to the audience to sustain interest.  Thankfully, I found Danny Boyle’s “127 hours,” which conquered the same issues I was facing by using spilt screen edits to keep the pace moving and the audience focused.




What are your plans moving forward?

Answered By: Brandon Plush

We have a few projects in pre-production, including a modern-day retelling of “Cyrano de Bergerac.” We’re also big fans of the YouTube channel WIGS, and want to try doing our own dramatic three webisode arc, with the possibility of expanding it further, depending on its reception.


cast and crew


Main Genre: Comedies

Budget: £0 – £1000
How long did it take to shoot: 1 Day – 1 Week
Film location (country): United States
Film location (city): Valencia, CA

Filmed on: RED scarlet

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