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[dropcap size=big]Y[/dropcap]es Offside is the second short film in the trilogy by #Erez-Tadmor & #Guy-Nattiv regarding the Middle East conflict. This short is a fallow-up to their last short film Strangers, Offside was shot in Israel, during September 2005, at the security zone that separates between Israel and the Palestine Authority. Ishaq Omar is a 13-year-old Palestinian boy who just wants to play a game of soccer with his friends. However, the Israeli separation wall built around his house turns a simple trip to the village square into a rather difficult endeavor. Will he make it on time? Offside takes the absurdity of the Israeli occupation and filters it through the apolitical perspective of a young boy.

Winner of our most original award this short film has shown outstanding performance in nest to all areas,the storyline is well thought out, The cinematography is a viewing pleasure, this short film brings a element of originality which is missing from so many short films these days, this short film captivates the audience and is more than engaging. the director has .done a superb job in controlling the tempo and delivering a solid story.


Guy Nattiv
Guy Nattiv Director

Guy Nattiv

Guy Nattiv is an acclaimed film, television and commercial writer/director from Tel Aviv, Israel. His first feature, “Strangers”, premiered at the Sundance & Tribeca Film Festivals in 2008. It was based on his acclaimed short film “Strangers” (with Erez Tadmor) that won best short at Sundance two years earlier. It was short-listed for the Academy Awards, and won over 20 festivals world-wide. His second feature, “The Flood (Mabul)” won the top prize at the Berlin Film Festival in 2011, two awards at the Thesaloniki film festivals, best film at Haifa Film Festival and was nominated for 6 Israeli Academy Awards. An accomplished commercial director for more than ten years, Guy has shot campaigns around the world for Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Nestle, Skoda, and Mercedes amongst many others. He currently resides in Los Angeles with his family. He recently wrapped production on his next film, “Magic Men” (with Erez Tadmor), shot in Greece.





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