Mop, Bucket and Cape

Mop, Bucket and Cape
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Exploited, oppressed and under the forceful thumb of the people that are supposed to save the UK from all evil, Ted is a caretaker at the HQ of the Super Trinity. Whilst these supposed ‘heroes’ are too busy bullying the poor guy, a super-villain seizes the opportunity to rise up and threaten all of humanity.

Can the superheroes realise their wrongs and see the imminent threat to the nation’s safety, or will Ted rise from his maltreatment and become the superhero he always wanted to be?

Directors notes

I studied Film Production Technology at university and had done some professional directing since graduating, but always working for a client. Come 2013, I was working a full-time IT job which was providing me with a steady source of income, and so I decided I would push ahead with an idea, within my favourite genre, that I had had the previous Summer (helped in part by reading an article on the type of film that Hancock originally started as). This would be about the caretaker/janitor of a Superhero HQ, subverting what we as audience members would usually expect from a film of that type. I knew that I could save most of the money myself, and then write a script that would allow me to really show off my directorial style, helping to hopefully land me music videos and adverts through a fast and (hopefully)entertaining narrative voice.


Mostly everyone came on board for free, buying in to the vision for the film, and whilst this ensured the budget stayed low, due to the great talent that was flooding on to the film it meant a lot of work trying to fit everything and everyone in around some tight schedules. Victoria Ekanoye, who had been in the West End’s Lion King, was off to LA for pilot season (which evidently paid off, she can now seen in E/Lionsgate’s The Royals!), and our costume designer was busy working on everything from Guardians of the Galaxy to The Man From UNCLE. I even lost my whole, original camera and lighting team when the location double-booked us with a wedding, delaying our shoot by months!


My big inspirations are inspirations in my career as a whole, Edgar Wright and Matthew Vaughn (and Mark Millar on the world-crafting side of things), and these are evident in the camera-work, edit, sound design etc, but I also found inspiration from Kenneth Brannagh’s Thor and his use of Dutch Tilts, Game of Thrones and their shafts of smokey light, Utopia and their colour grade, The Losers with their comic-book introductions, Spielberg with his use of “The Spielberg Face” to reveal something, as well as hundreds of other films and just about every comic-book ever written!


The whole point was to create something completely new, something that I’m aware is going to be like Marmite to different people (look up their slogan non-English people!), but those that feel strongly for it will REALLY feel strongly for it.

I’m developing a feature at this moment in time, based on both the origin comics (, this film, and the aftermath which I’ve had some ideas for.



Filmed on:     RED Epic

Lighting Equipment:   

1x4k HMI, 1×2.5k HMI, 2x2k Blonde, 2x650w Fresnel, 2x300w Fresnel, 3x150w Pepper, 3x Three-rise wind-up, 4x American Stand, 6x C-stand set, 15x Sandbags, 2x2k Flicker Generator, 10x25ft 16A cable, 12x13A-16A Jumpers, 1x63A Distro Box, 2x32A 25ft
1x4k Chimera, 18’x8′ Frame, 1×1/4 Grid 8’x8′, 2×1/2 Silk 8’x8′, 1x Full Silk 8’x8′, 1×4’x4′ Floppu, 2x Flag 3’x2′, 2×3’x2′ Open Frame, 2×3’x2′ Single Net, 2×3′ x 2′ Double Net, 3x Cardellini Clamps, 3x K-clamps, 1x Magic Arm, 20x Crocs.


Audio Equipment:

Panamic and Ambient fishpoles, sound blankets, C-stand, Sennheiser MKH416 shotgun, AKG C480, Rode NT5, Rode NT4 stereo mic, Audio Technica MT830s, Sennheiser G2 and G3s fitted with Tram TR50s or DPA4060s, SQN4 mixer, Fostex FR2LE, Petrol Mixer bag and harness, K&M mic stands, Canford mic cable and Neutrik XLRs, Beyer DT48 headphones, Sennheiser HD25SP2 headphones, Rolls PM55 boom ops headphone amp.

Other equipment used:    

Optical flat & 1/4 & 1/2 & 1 – BPM filters, FCP, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Nuke, Maya, Photoshop.



Main Genre: Comedies

Budget: £5000 – £10,000
How long did it take to shoot: 6 mounths +
Film location (country): United Kingdom
Film location (city): Staffordshire/London

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Directors name     Jake Sleet
Directors website
iLoveshortFilm profile
Facebook page
Twitter page     jakesleetdir
Production Companies     Hollow Tree Pictures
DOP     Oli Williams
Camera Crew     Pete Blakemore – 1st AC, Siobhán Cox – 2nd
Lighting Crew     Kit Wood – Gaffer, Elinor Williams – Spark
Sound Team     Production Sound Mixer: Stephen Cummings, Boom Operator: Leon Radschinski-Gorman, Sound Design: Dave S. Walker aka Kyoto Dragon; Composer: DeBate
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