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Have a look at Merv winner of the Best looking short film Award

[dropcap size=big]A[/dropcap]fter the end of the world, Merv’s life in the lonely wastes is comfortably boring until an unexpected signal heralds the coming of a stranger This post apocalyptic short film is well shot with some great cinematography and we love the complete lack of dialogue.

Great Moments in this short film

At 2.30 mins, there is a scene where we see just how used to being alone Merv has got. He picks up a frequency and grabs the radio to make contact. This works well as we know we are watching a silent movie well in the scene that we are not expecting any dialogue, so when Merv grabs the radio we are left in anticipation. Is he really going to break the silence?  A smart move was to cut the score / music and just allow the piercing high pitch of the radio to hang in the air as Merv puts the radio down he knows within himself that he is alone, he prefers it this way.

radio short film 1

Best Visual Scene in this short

The presentation of the flower is the single most stunning shot in this short film. The contrast of the dirty browns and orange mixed with the the harsh blue sky make the red flower almost pop out of the screen. Well, maybe not, but you know what I mean!


Quick lesson in script writing: The Character

A script writer can use a variety of methods to make a character likeable or engaging.  But in all cases must depict the main characters undergoing  some kind of transformation.  Lets look at some examples. Think Neo in the matrix

Matrix at work

The transformation was from a scared young man with so many questions and doubts within himself to a confident man who fully  believes without a shadow of a doubt he is the One, so much so that he could stop bullets.


A more subtle change is the god father we watch the transformation of Michael Corleone a young man who at the beginning of the film just  returned from war as a hero he wants nothing to do with the (Mafia) family business.

god-father 2

But before the time the film is over he is not only in charge of the  family business but has excepted the role fully. There is not only a change in himself we have seen him go from war hero to mob boss. This is the kind of transformation we pay our money to see time after time. We will have some articles on this in our SCRIPT DOCTOR section soon.


Back to our short film

short film marv 3

Its this transformation that is here in our protagonist Marv who until now has been struggling with letting anyone into his lonely life.  Hence, every shot of him outside is covered in gloom or a thick cloud of dust. But as soon as he decides to take the risk, allowing himself to be vulnerable  by approaching the stranger unarmed, baring gifts.  Notice how the sky is blue, maybe an indication that the future is now bright.  The fog or dust has lifted taking off his mask he is able to breathe again he is not afraid anymore he has turned over a new leaf – a changed man.

short film 2

Filmmaker Tips: for your next short film

There were times where the music did not fit the action,  and this was distracting.  Even more so because if you are going to have a film with no dialogue the score must act as your words telling the story

Just to prove the power the score or accompanying music has on a short film. let me ask you this, would you consider this short film as a comedy?  OK now watch the entire short or some of it with no sound.  The film takes on a whole new feel doesn’t it? None of which is comical, this is the power of the score or music.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not totally knocking this audio there are moment of genus especially with the use of static interference from the radio when it is allowed to hang in the air and the music does add light and humor to what would be a pretty dark short film, but sometimes less is more.

the run 1

An example of this is at 4min 20 sec.  Our protagonist is running away, trying to get back to his hole of safety and would have been perfect if all we could hear was the static from the radio and the heavy breathing from the gas mask. But in this scene what we are hearing does not go with what we are seeing and would be more fitting in a animation or black and white Charley Chaplin film.

All in all this is a good short film and one we enjoyed watching so well done to everyone involved.

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Directed by Matt Inns
Written by Steven Woller and Matt Inns
Director of Photography, Ash McKenzie
Produced by Steven Woller and Matt Inns
Co-producer, Melissa Dodds

Starring Steven Woller and Maggie Watts





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