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An astronaut embarks on a deep-space mission to look for life on another planet.

Directors notes

I read about a man discovered in the Brazilian rainforest, who was the last of his tribe. There was no one else besides him. Once he was gone, his tribe would disappear from the face of our planet, forever. That was a fascinating idea to me and I began to think of it on a global level.

Deep down, I believe the entire human race feels alone in the universe. We’ve heard over and over again that there must be life on other planets, but when we look around, and all we see is empty space, we wonder: what if all the assumptions we’ve made about life in the universe were wrong and we are alone?

I wanted to capture this idea in a succinct way, so I created a 9-panel storyboard about an astronaut on a mission to seek out new life and his thoughts on the implications of finding, or not finding, it. The final line of the film would be: “God, I hope there’s someone out there.” because that felt like an echo of what I believe we all feel when looking into space and imagining our place in the universe.

The project started with just myself and Mike Landry. Between the two of us, we decided the 9-shot storyboard would take 9-months to complete. But as we started to build the project, we realized we needed more people and more time. It took us 2-years to finish the project with the help of 7 additional artists.

But it’s a minor miracle this film got made at all. As anyone who works in advertising knows, it’s hard to get anything done outside of work and this little idea turned into something much bigger. I couldn’t have done this film without the talented artists, musicians and sound people. This was a project built around collaboration and I’m grateful to everyone who put the time and effort into it.v


Main Genre: Sci-fi films

Budget: £0 – £1000
How long did it take to shoot: 6 mounths +
Film location (country): United States

Filmed on: NONE – This is a FULLY CG film

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