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Left-brained Larry & Right-brained Rachel

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[dropcap size=big]T[/dropcap]he tale of Left-brained Larry & Right-brained Rachel, a Siamese twin couple, stuck together by the head and thus resulting in them sharing only one brain. Using exactly fifty percent
each, their separate personalities are kept intact and following the theory, being either left- or rightbrained, Larry and Rachel are complete opposites. They have a hard time being stuck together with their counterpart, but not only do they hate each other, their abnormality also makes them dislikable to the people around them, leaving them with a melancholy life of bullying and parental neglect. One thing the couple shares though is a common hatred and a longing for revenge. The opportunity arrives when they find out that using the whole brain at once might give them supernatural powers that can help rid them of their enemies. But the tragic lesson is learned. Being so opposite their team work is doomed to go terribly wrong by #Sally-A-Ward.


Sally A. Ward
Sally A. Ward Director

Sally A. Ward

Hi! I'm Sally, a 21 year old young filmmaker. These past many years I've been gathering experience in the field, particularly in scriptwriting, which is my biggest joy. Last year I attended The European Film College, a 8½ month basic film course. Here I got to try many things among which my biggest achievements have been to write and direct a fantasy themed short film, "Old D. Q. & Mr. K" and a poetic stop motion tribute to my big idol Tim Burton, "Left-brained Larry & Right-brained Rachel". The last-mentioned has had a lot of acclaim, first of all watched by thousands here on the internet, but is also going to be screened at its first festival, Cinéglobe, in February 2010. I have since made a stop motion commercial for the new product, "Fruto Wash", which will soon be screened at the official site. In making the commercial, I also founded my own production company "Kitty Fish Productions". A website will follow soon. Presently I am working on several projects, one of which, a stop motion project, "City Tales", I am writing with my fellow film student friend, Ina Fischlin (we co-wrote and co-directed "Old D. Q. & Mr. K" together). "City Tales" is planned to be finished in autumn 2010. In the mean time, smaller stop motion projects will follow. I spend most of my time in the guest room of my parent's house which I have transformed to a small workshop where I draw production designs, make props, dolls, sets etc. and animate little bits and pieces that are sure to be uploaded as we go along. The Kitty Fish is being born. I am writing on several scripts - some stop motion, some live action, some a mix. I take it as it comes, I write when I'm inspired, and I start a project when the script is ready. We'll see what happens.





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