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If you are involved in the film industry  or perhaps you are a bit of a short film connoisseur, why not  become a iLoveShortFilms writer, and if you are up for the challenge we will appoint you ILoveShortFilms “Guru”.

As a Short Film Guru, you will be able to:

  • review and rate fellow film makers shorts films
  • give your professional feedback, tips and constructive criticism
  • write articles on film techniques,  script writing story-boarding, post production techniques and much more

As a leader in our film community, we will promote your articles on all of our social networks.  You will have your own profile page with all your articles reviews, social links, current projects and personal blog.

  • Let’s all work together to enrich the film community.
  • Submit a film review
  • You can submit a film review on a short you have found or review one of the shorts featured on the site.  What do you think the Director do well. What could be improved. What did you think about the cinematography, acting, story-line or special effects. Your feedback, be it positive encouragement, or constructive criticism will go a long way in helping fellow film enthusiasts not only improve their production.  Your review will also help to enrich the short film community.

Become a “Short Film Guru” Start forum debates, share your knowledge and tips.  Publish your own articles and tutorials on

  • As a Guru, you will be given wider site responsibility and the community will look to you as a source of knowledge and valuable expertise.  In return your personal film projects will be pushed and promoted out via social networks and upcoming film festivals.

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