Hyper Jump

Hyper Jump
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A good short film to put on your watch list

If you’re going to be taking part in one of history’s iconic moments, you’d better prepare a speech.

The Pilot of the first ever spaceship to attempt a jump through hyperspace suddenly realises he needs an iconic line to broadcast to the world.

This is a simple premise and lends itself to some great comical moments the cinematography is on point along with the acting and audio, the length of the short film is just right and the story does not feel too slow. All in all, this is a solid piece of work and gets a thumbs us from us

Directors notes

Main Genre:
£0 – £1000
Shoot Time:
1 Day – 1 Week
Film location:
London, UK
Our Score
The film came about because we were doing some technical testing in our studio. We wanted to dramatically light a subject but also light our green screen evenly and effectively at the same time. I have always loved sci-fi films so creating the interior of a spaceship seemed like a fun thing to try. The concept of a pilot struggling to find those iconic words just before a momentous event in history had been kicking around for a while and once we knew the VFX was something we could do in house it all fell into place. I had been working with Simon Haycock on a previous short film and he mentioned he wanted to do more with his american accent so it seemed like all our stars were aligned to make the film. We didn’t need to raise a budget as Upbeat Productions has all of the kit and the studio we needed. The only things we bought were a blue boiler suit and some sew on patches for costume, which cost us a grand total of £20.

The scripting process was basically doing lots of research into scientific quotations and pop culture references. We shot loads of different lines, a lot of which didn’t make it into the edit but my thoughts were it was better to have way more than i needed so I could pick the absolute best moments.

We used Premiere Pro to edit, After Effects to do the compositing and the Element 3D plugin from Video Co-Pilot to create the exterior of the ship and the console the Pilot sits at.

It was a really fun project to be apart of.


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