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To fight his loneliness, the last man on earth plays a game of chess against the most common of enemies.

Brief Synopsis  Grey, the last soul on earth, wanders an empty landscape looking for food to survive when he happens on a chessboard. Grey begins a game as a respite from the loneliness and isolation this world imposes on him. As the game reaches its conclusion, Grey’s opponent is revealed to him, as they clash in battle of wits. Genre The film is first and foremost a short film, this alone means the film is instantly marketable to audiences who enjoy watching short films. Short films are not constrained by codes and conventions the way most feature films are since its audience, particularly a festival audience, is usually more ready to accept less conventional material. With that in mind, “Grey” is a little hard to pigeonhole into a genre, other than the broad “drama”, as it only has a single character. This means that since all the tension and interaction the character endures and the audience witnesses come from within the character himself. We are deeply grateful for your support, there’s nothing like this short film out there! WHY £600 As we’re making this for a final year project the equipment which we get to use means the quality of the product won’t be stopped by the £1,000’s upon £1,000 of rental fees usually associated with the equipment. We’ve already invested money to get this project started but with a helping hand (that’s where you come in) some last bits of equipment, location fee’s, travel expenses, prop design, and food we’re hoping to make a quality product for a fraction of the price. Concept Art

Making a short like this is hard work! But once we have the funding for the last few bits for production, we’ll be shooting almost instantly, letting the rewards you should be receiving arrive sooner than expected (approx late February/ early March 2014). Every amount is amazingly appreciated and will not be wasted.

Risks and challenges

I am currently a final year student at Birmingham City University studding Film Production and Technology. Through the years of studying myself and the team have worked on a range of projects from documentary to music video, picking up key skills from budgeting to scheduling along the way which will help us produce a piece of work which won’t be out of sort in the professional world.

We’ll keep this page updated for backers to follow what’s happening behind the scenes.





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