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We found this Project on KikStarter its A story of family, ambition, real estate and foxes, a man who has to choose between his professional targets and his son.

What is FOXES?

FOXES is a story about a young estate agent, Malcolm, and his 10-year-old son Kevin, as they adjust to living together after years apart. Pressed by his targets, Malcolm struggles to find balance between a successful career and taking care of his son. Kevin doesn’t like the fast speed of the city and he misses the countryside where he grew up. That is why he finds an escape in observing the urban fox that walks through his street at night. The story takes places during a rainy evening in London, when Malcolm has to take Kevin to the most important house viewing he has had in weeks. This is Malcolm’s opportunity to get promoted and he will do everything to close the deal, hit the target and get a bit closer to his ambitions… This night, they are followed by the silent urban fox that patrols the streets of London. And things will get messy… “What would you sell to succeed?” 

Director’s notes

Mikel Gurrea, writer- director of FOXES, the short film: The idea for this film comes from my own perception living in Brixton, London. I saw the borough change very quickly to the opening of a big estate agency and people working in it. I remember the reactions of the neighbours and how a “Yuppies out” graffiti appeared on its window right after the opening ceremony. Suddenly, the company cars were driving everywhere and the streets were full of their signs. It might have been a coincidence, but it was then that I noticed many urban foxes walking around the neighbourhood at night. I want to connect these two elements in an emotionally engaging film, showing how different the perception of this urban world is for each one of the characters. Kevin will find in the fox a connection with something wilder and purer than anything he can see in the city. It is only by seeing it through the window at night that he can forget how his father uses him for his own benefit. Due to his own ambition, Malcolm neglects what he loves the most. Between fathers and sons there is often something that gets in the way of showing and sharing feelings.  I want to make a film where Malcolm is pushed to an extreme and forced to face his priorities. I imagine a film where the audience desperately hopes for the two main characters to reconcile and embrace. It is built around that tension and focused on what they hide from each other. All of it witnessed by the silent urban fox.

What do we need your help for?

We have been able to put together a very talented crew and we’re in conversations with a well-known and exciting cast for FOXES – See WHO ARE WE? section for BIOS. We have a tiny bit of money from the London Film School, and I have put my savings into this project. However,the  investment of my own money doesn’t stretch far to shoot a short film with these characteristics. Shooting with a kid and an actual fox demands a lot of time and patience. And in film, time is money. We have to respect legal work restrictions for children (they can only work a certain hours per day) and trained foxes can only be focused a certain amount of time. The night and car scenes are complex to film, we need time and we will need to hire a studio space to be able to shoot all the driving scenes safely and integrate the background digitally in post-production… This demands a really smart schedule and budget, but we’ve estimated that we can make it happen if we extend the shoot over 6 days, and this is not cheap! I have already invested my my own money to cover several costs of the production; it’s how much I believe in this project. It’s everything I have, but it’s not enough. We only want to do this if we can make it properly, because the story deserves it and we’ve determined that an additional £7,000 is the absolute minimum we will be able to do this on.

Why £7,000? 

Every penny raised (minus the fees for Kickstarter’s involvement) will go directly into the budget for FOXES. Your CONTRIBUTIONS will help us to do the following:

  • Shoot on location in London for 5 days
  • Shoot on studio for 1 day
  • Travel, feed and accommodate Cast & Crew
  • Insure Cast & Shooting Crew + Locations & Equipment
  • Hire Camera, Lighting and Sound gear for 6 days
  • Production Design & Props: Hire/make graphics & dressing
  • Cover materials for SFX, costume and make up
  • Hire trained Fox + Professional animal wrangler for 2 days

What do you get for your support?

We know that in today’s economic climate everyone is skint! Which means funding short films – especially something as ambitious as FOXES – is getting harder and harder. But to try and sweeten the deal, we have put together some pretty decent REWARDS. With pledges starting at just £5, every contribution will take us one step closer to making the film a reality! This isn’t a one way street!  If you pledge at certain levels, you can claim some wonderful perks! Check out the right of the page to see some of the goods we have to give out.

How are we going to do it?

We are really aware of how ambitious FOXES is, that’s why we’ve put together a TEAM of really TALENTED and PROFESSIONAL CREW to help us get the most out of the resources that we’ll have. We have the start of the shooting SCHEDULED during the UK school mid term in late February, so that the child who will play Kevin won’t miss school and so that he will be fully dedicated to FOXES. Our aim is to get enough funding so that we can GET INTO PRODUCTION on the third week of february 2014 so that we can deliver the FINAL FILM in july 2014 , having had enough time for post production. One of our main challenges during the shoot, though, is having enough time in the schedule to be able to work properly with a child and a real fox…We think that films like White FangThe Black Stallion or Kes show us that there’s nothing more magical than the bond between kids and animals in film, so we thought it was worth the effort. Very early on we understood that we needed a properly trained fox and a lot of advise about how to work with it, so we decided to get some help…

The people from “Amazing Animals are one of the first UK animal training companies to have their staff undertake specific accredited qualifications. They have worked in films like Children of Men, The New World, The Golden Compass or Fierce Creatures. With the support of Amazing Animals, we were able to understand a bit better what the fox in our film could do, so we went and shot some test footage included in the video you have seen!

Charlie, our brilliant cinematographer, shooting the test for "the encounter" between Kevin and the urban fox.

Charlie, our brilliant cinematographer, shooting the test for “the encounter” between Kevin and the urban fox.

Lukas Rolfe plays Kevin in this test and Todd, the fox, responds to his charm.
Lukas Rolfe plays Kevin in this test and Todd, the fox, responds to his charm.
Emma, our animal trainer from "Amazing Animals" shows Lukas how to treat Todd with care.
Emma, our animal trainer from “Amazing Animals” shows Lukas how to treat Todd with care.


As you know, on Kickstarter, we can pledge the funds ONLY if we reach our goal (£7000). Please, help us! It’s not just about the money, you can be a massive help by just spreading the word and encouraging others to support FOXES. 

Click the link below to see more and help get the project of the ground.





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