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[dropcap size=big]F[/dropcap]irst contact is a Short Film that tries to explain why planet Earth has not seen as many UFOs since the 1970 this extremely funny short film will have you crying with laughter as you realise that not all life out there is intelligent the short film was made by #Media-Design-School and have done a superb job from the totally original script that keeps you engaged throughout to the wonderful cinematography and visual effects definitely a short film worth watching and a winner of the five-star award, it has shown outstanding performance in all areas


Media Design School
Media Design School Directors / Annimaters

Media Design School

Media Design School (MDS) in downtown Auckland, New Zealand, has forged an enviable international reputation for producing outstanding professionals for the creative industries. Our people come to us from all over the globe and the MDS student populous is a very multicultural one. Teaching industry-standard skills and knowledge, MDS’s highly relevant, industry integrated and production-orientated qualifications (undergraduate and graduate) enable you a smooth journey to stimulating and specific careers within the creative technologies and digital content sectors. The MDS portfolio of degrees includes 3D Animation, Game Art, Game Programming and Media Design (graphic design, interactive design and motion design





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