Doctor Who – Trial of a Time Lord

The Idea
Engaging Factor
Directors Reptation

We found this project a Fan-made short-film on KickStarter that will see the Doctor close to death return to Gallifrey as The Valeyard an old enemy is put to on Trial.

Three years ago I wrote a play celebrating Doctor Who and performed it in my Secondary School or High School depending on where you are reading this from. It was about the Doctor and his many regeneration’s.  In the play I took the Doctor back to Gallifrey and now three years later I am taking him back again. My writing has vastly improved and I feel this script I have come up I feel it makes this project capable of being one of the best fan film scripts to be produced if done right. This script celebrates Doctor Who and what it stands for. It covers themes of death, survival, good and evil and has classic bad guys and good guys. I have tried to put every aspect that make Doctor Who so loved into the Script. This is where I need your help… We have already got cameras, we have already got actors on board and there is a script. What we need now is to be able to bring the world of the Doctor, the planet of Gallifrey to life! In order for this to be a high quality film we need your pledges so we can get, costumes, can download the effects we need to edit the film and to travel to the sites we need to so that the truly amazing world of the Doctor can be brought to life on the screen. It is not my intention to make a half hearted, hand held camera version of Doctor who. I feel I would be letting myself down, Doctor Who down and the fans who love to watch all things Doctor Who down. The Script is Currently called The Trial of a Time lord and as a special thank you for even looking at my video and taking the time to read this here is the synopsis: The Doctor is dying, but far, far away and long time ago a mysterious figure is found on Gallifrey, The Valeyard! The Doctor must travel back to his home, back to Gallifrey to bare witness to one of his greatest enemies endings. But why is he there? Why is the Valeyard on Trial? And why are the Time Lords keeping him alive? I hope that has intrigued at least a few reading to pledge and help me make my short film, help possibly created a quality fan film that will be recognized around the world, and help me achieve a life long dream of working on a Doctor Who project. What happens if we don’t meet our goal? Nothing. You don’t get charged any money, and we will have to make a lower-budget film. Thank you for partnering with us to make this exciting project possible! Thank you, Jonathan Weston Writer and Producer of  Doctor Who : Trial of a Time Lord Disclaimer:This transformative work constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any copyrighted material as provided for in Copyright Law. Doctor Who, TARDIS, The Valeyard, the Doctor Who theme song, etc. are the property of the BBC. This work is NOT being produced for any commercial advantage or private financial gain. All funds donated will be used to off-set production costs ONLY.

Risks and challenges

This risks and Challenges of my project are finding the locations needed to bring the script to life. I want to make the look of Gallifrey as authentic as possible so there needs to be a sense and aspect of another world in where we pick our locations.

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