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Tell us about yourself: I’m a writer/director from London whose latest project was ‘My Beautiful White Skin’, which screened at the Cannes Film Festival 2015 and follows an Indian girl trying to lighten her Skin in time for a Bollywood audition. I am currently running a Kickstarter campaign for my latest short film ‘Clandestine’ which follows the journey of a group of refugees on an ill-fated journey across the Mediterranean. It’s supported by Doctors without Borders (MSf) and Human Rights at Sea (HRAS).

What inspired you to write about this subject?: I, like so many others, felt deeply moved by the images of the crisis, the pictures of bodies washed up on European shores I felt were particulary compelling and it piqued my interest as a filmmaker to ask ‘what had preceded their ultimate demise?’ After much research, I felt that the stories of those making the journey had to be told, in doing so, I hope to raise awareness of the horrific conditions in which these people are subjected to.

Ultimately this is not a Migrant crisis but a humanitarian one, and I feel, as anyone should, that if I can contribute in a positive manner to
help eleviate the suffering of others, then I would of fulfilled my duty as a human-being.

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Where do you plan on shooting?: We plan to shoot one day in England in an underwater tank and three days in Malta in the ocean. I have no interest in using green screen or VFX and shooting on a boat, in the ocean, will add a tangible authenticity to the film that will hopefully resonate with the audience.

How are you raising the film’s budget?: We currently have a Kickstarter campaign live at the moment. I’ve always been a fan of Kickstarter as it empowers the community to realise the projects that they want to see. The Kickstarter campaign has an in-depth breakdown of the film, its team and its goals and we welcome people to support us and help make this film a reality (KICKSTARTER LINK)

What’s the plan for the film post-completion: We’re aiming for a Cannes premiere and will edit the film for that deadline. I feel it’s a great
fit for the festival as many of the Refugees that have survived the journey are now in France. Once it’s completed the festival circuit,
we hope to use it as an educational tool that the charities can utilise to raise awareness of the work they’re doing.





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