Bonnie And Clyde

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[dropcap size=big]B[/dropcap]ONNIE and CLYDE are young, beautiful and entirely devoted to one another. They are developing a notoriety along the east coast of England due to a string of robberies and they are now wanted for the murder of a police officer. When a burglary on a stately home takes an unexpected turn, Clyde is left with a life-threatening gunshot wound. It is now up to Bonnie to get them to the safety and seclusion of a disused grain tower a mile out to sea, where they can spend their last moments together and alone. This is not the guns-blazing, sirens-wailing story that has been told so many times before. This is a delicate and heart wrenching short film that showcases Parker and Miranda’s exceptional ability to capture beauty in every frame and to tell a story with subtlety and originality.


Louis J. Parker

Louis J. Parker

Louis & Dominique Most people have to work a job they hate whilst working towards the job they want. Louis and Dominique are no exception. They have spent more years than they care to remember working as waiters for a very large and very busy restaurant chain. The shifts have been long and often difficult. Customers confuse the terms 'server' and 'servant' with alarming regularity. But when all is said and done they have a profound and lasting love for this job that they hate. For it was in this Italian/American eatery, to the sounds of The Rat Pack and Nat King Cole, that their lives crossed paths in 2010. Louis was an actor who had discovered a talent for filmmaking at a young age. When Dominique stumbled upon the acting showreel that he had created for himself, she developed a bit of a crush. Louis couldn't believe his luck. The last three years have been spent falling in love, making films and realising that they are much better together than they ever were apart. Their first short film, RED RIDING, was created in July 2012 and received several accolades including second place at the Worcestershire Film Festival, Editor's Choice on Dailymotion and Openfilm and official selection on Film Shortage. They have just finished their second short film, BONNIE & CLYDE.





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