Black Swell

Black Swell
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A great short film, simple but ever so effective with a good punch line

A man (Richard Kind) tries to kill himself in a motel room but a noisy neighbour breaks his focus.

Directors notes

David Rysdahl (writer/producer/co-star) and I worked on this together for months based off a script he wrote about a friend of his from Minnesota, where he grew up. It’s a dark story in which the audience is really trapped in one character’s experience, so we were naturally attracted to psychological films with austere aesthetics by filmmakers like Hitchcock, Polanski, and the Coen Brothers.

Since we were partners on this we split the already low budget down the middle so neither of our bank accounts suffered too dramatically.


Main Genre: Drama

Budget: Unknown
How long did it take to shoot: 1 day
Film location (country): Montauk, NY

Filmed on: RED Dragon

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