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This chik makes Jean-Luke Picard look like an amateur!!! OK I take that back but she does boldly go where no man has gone before and she goes there alone.

Review By: Asher Gouldbourne

[dropcap size=big]T[/dropcap]his space traveling, time bending, mind boggling, Sci-Fi, brings a whole new and some what casual look to space travel without ever setting foot in a spaceship. This is a story of discovery, spanning across galaxies and may I add this short was amazingly shot when you keep in mind it was on a budget of just $1000.

 Summary: Arya is the last remaining member of her family, a lineage with a unique genetic code that grants the ability to survive the folding of temporal and spatial boundaries. Confused yet well if you are a sci-fi buff then this is child’s play but for the rest of you she has the ability to travel from one side of the galaxy to the other and beyond in seconds and some how survive the process. As such she has been tasked with the job of exploring new planets far beyond any other human’s reach, but secretly she has her own motives. She is in search of something that will explain who exactly she is and where she comes from as all her family have disappeared, lost somewhere in the vast endless galaxies.

Lets talk technical filmmaking: #RaphaelRogers (director) shot this with a #CanonC100. Lenses used were the #Canon24mm-IS-prime, the #Canon50mm1.4, the #Macro100mm-IS-2.8 and the #Tokina11-16mm. By far, most of it was shot on the 24 and the 100. The final shot was done on the trusty #Canon5DII as it was a pickup. And it gets better! There was no crew on this shoot, just #RaphaelRogers and #Bianca Wow, talk about do it your self.

The shoot took three days and post production took significantly longer. All the visuals were done in #AfterEffects. Element3D was used a good amount.

 The big screen: yes Universal Pictures’ Syfy-Films division has obtained the rights to the sci-fi short Beyond, with the short’s director on board to produce and helm the big-screen translation. Not bad for a guy that picked up his camera grabbed an actress and spent a week filming! It just goes to show that a good idea can really pay off!

 Ok now for my thoughts: for me the concept is definitely it’s strongest point, followed by the cinematography and choice of locations they really captured the scope and drew you in to believing this storiy takes place on multiple  planets.  The VFX where good amazing if you put it in context with the budget, they  done the job with only some things looking a little out of place.

#BiancaMalinowski looks stunning on screen with a good performance although there where a few moments that could have been tightened up but i did not like the choice of outfit fare to casual for a intergalactic space traveler.

Also on a personal note:  I feel this role would and I’m most likely going to get death threats for this would more suit a male I just think the whole “I lost my daddy” feel will not work on the big screen.  others have  already done that and  sold the t-shirt but this is my personal opinion but I do love the concept that they are the last of there kind and the idea of a  lone space traveler, I can not wait to see what they do with the fetcher.


Raphael Rogers
Actress | Producer
Bianca Malinowski
Andrew Varenhorst





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