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After The rain

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[dropcap size=big]A[/dropcap]fter The Rain is 10 minute dramatic short film about a man stranded in his thoughts and struggling with his daily routine, finds himself doubting what he knows to be his reality after a series of strange déjà vu experiences cause an existential crisis.

a philosophical existential portrait captured on a small budget utilizing the basics of film making perfectly.

My only criticism is to do with the constant change of exposure throughout the film, this often happens when the camera is left in automatic mode while filming, when the shot moves from light to dark the automatic settings try to adjust slowly, and this can be highly distracting and takes the audience away from what’s going on in your movie, just something to think about for your next project.

A big thank you to Marco Luca & Laura Aloi (director/writer) and we look forward to seeing your next project

Directors notes

This story was written over 10 years ago by a friend (who ended up playing a minor role in the short and created part of the soundtrack) as a half page short story for a college assignment. He made me read it to see what I thought of it, and told him we should make a film out of it. I quickly added several pages of script and turned into a short film. But for the time it was a little too difficult to shoot, so it sat on the shelf for almost 10 years.

A little over a year ago I stumbled on a particle system plugin for After Effects and started playing around with it. After a few weeks I managed to create fake rain, and the first thing that came to mind was was my script, back then named ‘A Rainy Day’, which main reason for the shelving was the lack of tools for the difficult rain shots.

So I took the script back out, and revised it over several times to finally have a convincing story. The rest of the challenge became to align mother nature and our crew and actors for shooting on a long rainy weekend. We had to patient over a month but the rain finally came, luckily for us on a long weekend.

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