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ABE is a creepy, serial-killer, horror, VFX, sci-fi, calling card short. Lots of adjectives there! Oh and MGM is making it into a feature

Review By: Asher Gouldbourne

[dropcap size=big]S[/dropcap]et in the distant future ABE sees a deranged robot finding it hard to deal with the harsh reality of rejection. When his owner upgrades for a newer model he is discarded like an out of date gadget. Programmed to be loved and now all alone, our loose wired friend goes in hunt of companionship but when all efforts to reconnect with an owner fails. His love turns to bitter madness and a serial killer is born. This short #VFX film chapters the dark side of artificial life and works on the premise that if you teach something to love then you have already taught it desire, jealousy and hatred.

ABE #TicksAllTheBoxes exactly what you want from your calling card piece and boy did it do just that.  This short film was snatched up almost immediately, That’s right this well delivered short film caused quite a stir as MGM snap it up with plans of a  feature. That’s great news for Writer/Director – #Rob-McLellan and he deserves it. The look and feel of this short film is perfect the story line has so much potential and somehow if they just manage to keep it separate from such classic films as Blade Runner and I-robot by keeping the focus on the psyche of a deranged robot then this will undoubtedly do well.


What I liked: I like the fact that the robots character ABE (played by SAM HOARE with #VFX by CRAIG STIFF) was so believable this is an achievement in itself considering the fact that the robots face does not move at all so the mood has to come from the airy monotone of the bots voice mixed with clever dialogue and movement and not forgetting a great opening scene. The room in case in plastic much like an episode of Dexter let’s you know from the outset that this whoever is doing this has done it before and is trying not to get caught so there is some vulnerability there, something that is missing I other sci-fi android films.

What I didn’t like: I hate this part but the rules (Mr Shorts) Say I  have to find at least one thing i  would  change or somthing did not like and this was hard for the most part, this really is a  good short but if I had to be picky  and chose something then I would have to say there are a few looks of fear will just one by the actress that could be a bit tighter. (but that’s me being forced to say something negative)

So if you are in to sci-fi then you are going to love this. Alternatively if you want to see some great visual effects, or fancy a lesson in setting the mood then you need look no further.  ABE has got you covered!




Rob McLellan is an award winning director, writer and VFX artist. As well as a commercial director, he is a veteran of the 48 hour film circuit, producing several acclaimed short films across several competitions. Rob’s real break came when he won the Enter the Pitch film competition in 2010, the resulting short film ‘Rahab’ is now in development to be made into a feature film by Footprint Films and Reel Issue Film. ‘Rahab’ was Rob’s path into Hollywood and it wasn’t long until he secured US based representation and began development of several other projects, including his sci-fi time travel feature ‘Strings’, which is currently being considered by several major studios. His entry to last years Colchester Film Festival 48hr challenge, ‘Love… And All That’ was recently re-imagined as a longer short film called ‘ABE’, which went viral upon it’s internet release. ‘ABE’ gathered so much attention that it was soon optioned by MGM and is now in prep as feature film, with Rob writing and directing.
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