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[dropcap size=big]A[/dropcap] Short Film called 2D soul is about the area of mathematics is just an extent of conventionality, where we treat the idea, so, what he writes, actually does not make a big sense. For us the board becomes an interactive visual illustration –it’s like a marker of his not measured, anxious soul, that tries to escape to the light. That’s why the film is called “2Dsoul” . The board is like a window into his world. All around him is shouting that the world is magically wonderful, that everything, that surrounds him, is more alive than what he sets in life priorities…View at – the home of short films.

2D should is very interesting and feels like it will be engaging and although this has some great shots, it kind of loses its way by the end and leaves the audience wondering what it’s all about.   But that being said it still worth a watch.

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Director: #Eldar-Usmanov




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