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“You are a WaterRise [because nothing around you dare fall] the hummingbird [who knows the words to my favorite song] the shadow [that pulls me along] and the way fire works when it works…”

A mystical meeting between two best friends that explores what connects them. Music by Grammy-winning musician Theo Bleckmann.

WaterRise is a SAG Modified Low Budget independent short film project that will launch Sagesse Productions, spearheaded by director/actress Mary Sarah Agliotta. WaterRise was penned by writer Dana Kinsey. In order to produce this film in correlation with our original vision, utilizing a professional cast and crew and filming on location in midtown Manhattan, as well as Brighton Beach and Bryant Park, we require $15,000 in funding. Your assistance will make all the difference in creating this powerful piece of art. We have a story about true love and tragic loss that needs to be gently unraveled in its telling and your generosity can make that happen. that can suspend it forever. When two highly creative, successful women reveal their darkest secrets, they can only be left with light.

Inga Leps as Alina (Photo by: Gabriel Montagnani)

Inga Leps as Alina (Photo by: Gabriel Montagnani)


ALINA – Inga Leps

Inga Leps

Inga Leps KENNEDY – Jillian Kinsey

Jillian Kinsey

The Story

A cosmopolitan artist conjures her best friend who has recently died during a Manhattan rooftop party while the man who captivates both of them sleeps in the same room. This mystical tale takes a closer look at the envy and competition that can sometimes drive a friendship to the lowest depths and also the enduring love


Director/Producer:  Mary Sarah Agliotta

Cinematographer/Assistant Director: Graham Nolte

Screenplay by: Dana Kinsey

Concept Inspired by: Inga Leps

Original Music by: Theo Bleckmann

Photography by:  Gabriel Montagnani

LUCAS – Nick Luna
Nick Luna

Nick Luna

Risks and challenges

Our cast and crew are in place and the script has been finalized. Our creative team has been hard at work for months so as to ensure that this project runs smoothly. We are more than flexible and willing to talk through difficulties as they may arise throughout the process.

Our main challenge at the moment is a financial one. We wish to produce the best possible film for regional, national and international festivals, as well as for the industry itself. In order to accomplish this, we wish to work with a SAG Modified Low Budget, maintaining a professional environment on set and assuring our team the earnings they deserve. In order to pay a professional cast and crew, we require at least $15,000 in funds for our 6-7 day shoot this spring.

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