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Keen on her
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Felix is single. When he meets his dream girl in the studio of his friend, his jaw drops and he immediately tries his best to persuade her to have dinner with him. Melissa agrees. Strictly business though! Could it be she finds him sweet too?

Romance could take it’s course if it wasn’t for one small problem. Melissa believes that Felix is in fact the artist Jonathan. He is flabbergasted that Felix has no problem pretending to be someone else in order to get closer to his love interest. However Jonathan agrees to the date in the hope that his paintings will at least be published in Melissa’s magazine.

When meeting Melissa, Felix forgets he is actually at a business appointment and doesn’t bring Jonathan’s paintings. Out of necessity he joins them on their date and explains everything. Felix then has to rely on his charm to win over his love interest

Directors notes

I am a big movie-fan. Comedy and science-fiction are my favorite genres, J.J. Abrams and Daniel Mindel my favorite movie makers. I always wanted to make a movie so much and decided to use my own money because it is too difficult to get any funding as a beginner.

Good movies should entertain the viewer and my decisions as a director are based on what things will entertain viewers the most. I met writer Nathanael Brohammer online at a forum for movie makers. He sent me a script for a horror short. Although I am not really into horror, I immediately realized Nathanael’s talent. He was very fast with writing the script while I already had the budget in mind. In fact, Nathanael was brilliant at adjusting the story to the budget. I made my guidelines for the various departments a year before shooting and was searching for a fellow producer but finally I decided to produce alone and use my own budget draft. It worked out pretty well.

I wanted the highest quality possible and yep, some mistakes were made but nevertheless we were extremely efficient. I paid everyone a small amount of money, found a good cast and a good crew, had good lighting conditions and good weather… and some luck. No matter how talented you are, you always need some luck. The result is a pleasant, entertaining short.


Main Genre: Romcom

Budget: £50,000 – 75,000
How long did it take to shoot: 1 day – 1 week
Film location (country): Germany
Film location (city): Berlin

Filmed on:   CANON C100, recorded on ATOMOS NINJA 2

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