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Train of Thought
Story line
Stop Animation
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4.3Overall Score
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How do you articulate an idea from conception to fruition? It would help if you could see into the mind of the creator, so thank god for the medium of animation. An idea starts in the consious mind, in the first dimention, then if you are so inclined, you draw it out, creating the second dimention of length, width, and height. Finally in the third dimension you breathe life into your creation, transforming it into something tangible . Yet all acts of creation reqiure an epiphany – also known as the fourth dimention –  time. Train of Thought is such a story, it is also the story of the flick book which was created in 1868 and was then patented as a kineograph. The flick book used a linear sequence which was the first form of such animation. The genius of the flick book was that it appeals to the human “persistence of vision” which gives the illusion (animation) that continuous motion (the train) gives birth to all things great and small. On track.

An absolutely superb Sop Animation and although there’s not much the storyline find yourself being drawn in the hell it was filmed rather than what the film is about definitely worth a watch by #Leo-Bridle

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