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To Claire From Sonny
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A  young man tries to cope. He writes a letter to his first true love. ” To Claire From Sonny  “Okay, well um. Where to start? You’ll probably never read this. In fact, chances are it won’t even reach you. I’m probably just writing this for myself, you know. For therapeutic reasons. I guess I should just say all this stuff. Especially by now, but it helps to write things down or else I stutter and forget, and generally make an idiot of myself.. This short film as an interesting storyline and a pleasant monologue the cinematography is of a good standard with moments of greatness is not the original and your it still packs a nice surprises, the short film is engaging mostly due that the dialogue. A  nice piece of work and we will be looking forward to see what #Josh-Beattie (director) will do next.



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