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The Walk - by Sheldon Candis
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Candis’ short film THE WALK tells the dramatic story of a wheelchair-bound septuagenarian who builds a robot suit with his grandson in an attempt to walk again this short film has an powerful storyline that draws you in from the beginning story is well told is engaging and somewhat original the cinematography is of a good standard and the acting is of a high quality although I can fill like it’s dragging in places but all in all this is a solid piece of work


Cinephile academy presents “the walk”, porter fowler ian hamrick, music by jeffery alan jones, production design by diane zurn, edited by jeff wishengrad, director of photography #philipp-friesenbichler, associate producer adam martinez, produced by aaliyah williams & iram parveen bilal, written by #justin-wilson, written, directed, & produced by #sheldon-candis






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