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The Driver now carries an arrogant rock star who is visiting a major city (not  this title character wants to get away from her bodyguards in the Driver’s BMW. The Driver is chosen by a spoiled and shallow celebrity to drive her to a venue. Unbeknownst to her, her manager has actually hired the Driver to teach the celebrity a lesson. Pretending to escape her pursuing bodyguards, the Driver recklessly drives through the city, tossing the hapless celebrity all around the backseat. They arrive at the venue, where she is thrown out of the car and photographed by paparazzi in an embarrassing end on the red carpet.

Yet another great short film from #BMW to add to the series cinematography along with the script is well have come to expect from this set of short film if you enjoyed the others you are sure to enjoy this one.


Guy Ritchie
Guy Ritchie Director

Guy Ritchie

‘Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’ introduced Guy Ritchie to the world in the most remarkable and emphatic manner. A rip-roaring peek at the London underworld, it was in equal parts a caper romp, a heist flick, and with Ritchie’s pen at its best, it utilised the quickfire wit and pithy dialogue of Cockney Londoners. Colourful characters, a convoluted plot, stylised violence and an emphasis on dialogue led comparisons to be drawn between Ritchie and Quentin Tarantino. Indeed, ‘Lock…’ is as seminal to Ritchie’s career as ‘Reservoir Dogs’ (1992) or ‘Pulp Fiction’ (1994) was to Tarantino’s.
A largely unknown cast as leading characters helped Ritchie keep a lid on things, and ‘Lock…’ is credited with kick-starting Jason Statham’s career – he has now forged a career in Hollywood playing action-type characters with a tendency to shoot off at the mouth. With footballer Vinnie Jones (a fatherly thug), comedian Rob Brydon (as an unfortunate traffic warden) and Sting (an unfatherly pub landlord) being the best known names among the cast, ‘Lock…’ was a surprise hit at the box office.
Ritchie was the hottest new director in Britain after the release of ‘Lock…’ and there was a clamour for more of the same rambunctious rollicking roller-coaster Ritchie rides. Finally, it was Sony that backed Ritchie’s sophomore effort, ‘Snatch’ (2000), which followed very much in the vein of ‘Lock…’. Where ‘Lock…’ was centred around a card game gone awry, ‘Snatch’ made bareknuckle boxing and diamonds the premise on which the fantastical and outrageous antics of the characters were based.
Ritchie re-called Jason Statham, Alan Ford, and Vinnie Jones from ‘Lock…’, but ‘Snatch’ featured Hollywood big names like Brad Pitt, Dennis Farina and Benicio Del Toro. The casting of Pitt especially, as a gypsy bareknuckle boxer, was the cause of much hilarity, as Pitt was forced to learn an incomprehensible Pikey accent; he pulled it off with uncustomary aplomb. The public loved ‘Snatch’, although the critics complained that Ritchie followed the ‘Lock…’ formula so slavishly that they were essentially identical movies with different actors.





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