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Kabeljau mit Zyankali
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late again “yes but i have a good reason this time”

This nicely put together short film Kabeljau mit Zyankali that’s “Codfish & Cyanide” for you and me, sees Ella a frustrated girlfriend that can’t believe it when Severin (her other half) arrives at the restaurant looking totally squalid and shabby and unwilling to explain himself. The truth sounds way too absurd and being a notorious liar, Severin can’t risk anything. Cornered by Ella, he tells her an intricate story and expects everything – except her actual reaction.

The short film Kabeljau mit Zyankali is Winner of the Five Star award this short film has shown outstanding performance in all areas, the storyline is definitely up there with some of the classics, the cinematography and lighting really lends itself to the mood and fill, this short brings a element of originality to the table and captivates the audience and is more than just engaging. the director #DavidGesslbauerhas done a superb job in controlling the tempo and mood of this classic.






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