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Second Wind
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3.5Overall Score
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Dig and plant it into the dry ground. This is the point of his existence, as there is nothing else left in the world but metallic rustle of the apocalypse flowers. Second Wind  is a short film about An old man and his gigantic cat fight against windmills. This little gem shows that Short-Animated Films like Second Wind proof that you don’t need multi-million-dollar budgets to entertain people.

This short film has a peculiar storyline that you find yourself being drawn into if only to work out what is actually going on  we enjoyed the score of this animation along with the look and feel. It’s hard to say if it’s original but it is definitely unique It did fill like it was dragging on in some places which can affect the engaging factor  but for me it wasn’t enough to make me want to switch off, the short film reminds me of something I would have watched my childhood it hasn’t Old feel to it which is definitely not bad thing, all in all nice piece of art by the Director  #Ian-Worrel






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