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Rat Tail
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Rat Tail sees A couple’s pranks escalating quickly. the film was made by Bullmoose Pictures, and screened at the FilmShop collective’s “Really Bad Ideas” end-of-season screening event in New York.

The film is based on a horrific urban legend, told by my manager as a tactic to keep us in line during a training session at my high school life-guarding job.

Filmed on     RED Epic
Lighting equipment     None
Audio equipment     Sennheiser 416 boom mic into a tascam dr680 recorder
Other equipment used     Forum Novelties Crazy Fogger Party 400-watt Fog Machine

Main Genre     Comedies
Budget     £0 – £1000
How long did it take to shoot     1 Day – 1 Week
Film location (country)     United States
Film location (city)     Brooklyn


Directors name     Adam R Brown
Directors website
iLoveshortFilm profile
Twitter page
Production Companies     Bullmoose Pictures
DOP     Kyle I. Kelley
Sound Team     Ryan Dann
Other links     Bullmoose Pictures:
Makeup & Special Effects by Sky Vega:
Music & Sound Ryan Dann:
The FilmShop





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