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Presto - pixar
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A Short Film about  Vaudeville-era magician Presto DiGiotagione is famous for a hat trick wherein he pulls his rabbit Alec Azam out of his top hat. The short begins with an unfed and irritated Alec locked in a cage, unable to reach his carrot. After Presto returns from eating a meal, he begins practicing his act with Alec, revealing that his top hat is magically connected to a wizard’s

Alec cleverly turns the hat’s magic against his master into multiple painful and humiliating ways and unsuccessful attempts of magic and all he wants is his carrot .

It’s #Pixar what more can I say the leaders in all that is great and wonderful so of course The storyline of this five star award winning short animation going to be perfect down to the letter and the animation is well deserving of five stars. Pixar renowned for being totally original making this short animation extremely engaging and can be watched over and over and still not old. The whole team over Pixar from the director all the way down have  done a superb job on this classic short animation.




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