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Playing with Ice
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Short Film Plot

In this short film Playing with Ice sees a young lady tired of her life of solitude, Jocelyn applies for a mysterious program at Heri-Tech Corp. But the interview proves to be far more difficult than she ever anticipated. In the process, Emma, who works for Heri-Tech, learns of Jocelyn’s painful past of being rejected by her family when she came out. Unprepared for such a vulnerable interview, Jocelyn lashes out at Emma. And yet, could this interview be the very thing Jocelyn needs to help her embrace life here and now? directed by #MikelWisler

Directors notes

As the story for Playing with Ice evolved, I spent a lot of time reflecting on the idea of nostalgia verses longing for a better future. I was struck by the insight of friend and teacher, Craig Detweiler, in his book, Into the Dark, about how marginalized groups of people do not suffer from nostalgia. They often hope for a better future. As I thought about the character of Jocelyn, a young gay woman who has been rejected by her family, it made all the sense in the world to me that she too would long for a brighter and more hopeful future where she can be free to be herself without condemnation or rejection. And while this story does touch on what I feel is a very timely conversation in our culture about seeking to love and accept our brothers and sisters in the LGBTQ community, I believe this story has a broader reach. Ultimately, Jocelyn feels alone and isolated, an experience too many people have. Many people who read the script and worked on this film expressed to me just how much they resonated with Jocelyn and her story of longing for a new start in life, longing to flee isolation. It is my hope that audiences will connect with this journey Jocelyn is taking, and discover, as she does, that sometimes hope arrives in the most unexpected ways.

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Why i love short films...I can take risks with short films which I might never have been able to with a feature film given all the financial concerns to be considered when making a feature.

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