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Phoenix 9
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Short Film Phoenix 9

A Sci-Fi short film by the talented Amir Reichart & Peer Gopfrich ! After a global nuclear war has turned earth into a scorched wasteland, a struggling group of survivors discovers a secret installation that offers a new beginning – but not without a catch…

Phoenix 9 marks the debut for the German team of Amir Reichart (director & editor) and Peer Gopfrich (writer & producer). The short is a proof-of-concept based on a feature screenplay by Peer Gopfrich.


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Directed & Edited by: Amir Reichart
Written & Produced by: Peer Gopfrich
Director of Photography: Tobias Deml

Mike Davies

Daniela Flynn

Nora Huetz

Cynthia Kirchner

Stephen Laferriere

Paul Lange

Russell Dennis Lewis

Russell Scott Lewis

Ryan Nelson

Corey Rieger

Cliff Smith

Carl Edward Williams

Aileen Xu





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