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Paddys Paradise
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A lonely homeless man finds his calling by living in a telephone box.Paddy’s Paradise’ is a short film made in tribute to a homeless friend, who sadly passed away in 2011. Dedicated to anyone in the world who is currently suffering or has suffered the plight of homelessness, I hope the film will help to raise awareness of homelessness By #Alex-Masterton and shot on a #Canon 7D on a buget of #£1000 – £2500

Cast & Credits

Writer/Director/Producer: #Alex-Masterton Executive Producer: #Georgia-Low Associate Producer: #Tom-Holloway

Camera: #Benn-Peacock Editor: #Robert-Hamilton Music: #Keith-Burstein Sound Design: #Nico-Metten  Visual Effects: #Alan-Banis Starring #Christopher-Adamson, #Jane-Thorne, #Arthur-Smith and






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