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One Mans Loss
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Ever heard the expression “One man’s loss is another man’s gain?” Well now take a look at what that really means in less than 6 minutes!

One Man’s Loss’ is about a man whose down and out, living rough, with no signs of things getting any better. But as if by chance his life is dramatically altered when he treads on a piece of glass outside of an apartment of an arguing couple. That is when the blessings start raining down from heaven Written & Directed by #Philip-Sansom.

Philip Sansom is better known in the film community for his part in the short film ‘The Black Hole’ which he wrote and directed back when he was part of the dynamic duo Phil & Olly. After many years of working together they decided to go their separate ways.

One mans loss Produced by #Richard-Weager is in fact Phllip’s first independent film flying solo and it is already making a good impression on the film festival circuit, and rightly so.

‘One Man’s Loss’ from a technical point of view is solid.  The story line is simple yet original. It looks at the change of fortune in a unique rags to riches story. The cinematography By #Ross-McLennan is well delivered and each shot has been well thought out and beautifully framed with a nice use of light. The acting is on point throughout with emphasis put on the argument scene which is also well written.


This short film is very engaging and if you like a romance drama with a twist then you will love ‘One Man’s Loss.’






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