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No Soliciting
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N 0 Soliciting is about when soliciting is banned from the office, Bill Sampson must resist the deliciously illegal temptation to purchase deliciously illegal Girl Scout Cookies. A modern day retelling of the last temptation of man. How far would you go to get some sweet cookies? What would you offer to get your hands on the sugary goodness made by the local girl scouts…your  soul may be a good place to start… #SHORTFILM #ILOVESHORTFILMS

This is a quick and funny look at life inside the office and does a good job in all areas will be interesting to see what #Seanhalvorsen has in store for us next

Cast & Credits

Director: #Seanhalvorsen.   Director of Photography: #noise-floor Screen. Composer: #noise-floor. Produced By: #30before30ent




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