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The Ninja is a superb shortstop animation movie as it’s a straight up fight scene there’s not much of the storyline but what it lacks in storyline it definitely makes up in animation and the cinematography, it is not the original but it is definitely engaging the director has done a good job in constructing some great choreography if you into the animation is definitely worth a watch.

Ninja – which has to be the new bench mark in stop motion animation (sorry gromit). It is brimming  with Intricate model movements which are surely possible only with a cocktail of insomnia, crack cocaine and the Big Bang Theory boxset at hand. Our duel to the death is cast on a barren land which is thirsty for  the blood and guts of virgin warriors. Shinobi Shozokos flutter in the wind amist sparce spatial scenery that highlights  the sheer technical efficiency of the animators but also makes the most of the relatively still camera. Hollywood beware “you best protect your neck”. Ninja  A cut above the rest




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