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Brad’s neighbor may be more than just unfriendly, he may be hiding a terrible secret. When Brad starts to put together the clues to a mystery he discovers that some things are best left behind closed doors.

Directors notes

This is No Name Brand’s third short film. It was inspired by the idea of what if you caught a glimpse into the hidden life of your neighbors. The script was written over a weekend and in less than two months we were rolling cameras.

Filmed in 4K on Red Epics Neighbors also features a custom post production process created by director Brandon Boudreaux that creates a digital interpositive that is rear illuminated, giving the digital footage a uniquely filmic look.

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directors name: Brandon Boudreaux
Directors website
iLoveshortFilm profile
Facebook page
Production Companies: No Name Brand Films
DOP: Che Broadnax/David Gelston





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